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Waking Watch / Fire Watch

Waking Watch is a service that encompasses effective methods of Fire Safety and Prevention including; fire wardens, fire marshals and around the clock patrolmen. All of our officers are exceptionality trained and suitably qualified to provide the utmost vigilant care for residents and property. Our waking watch officers carry out inspections to identify potential implications or changes that may affect the safety of the corresponding location. With 24-hour watched patrolling the premises, they also conduct frequent checks and carry out safety exercises to assess the welfare of the residence. Inspections that are carried out include; risk assessments, real-time monitoring and following bespoke requirements delegated by the client. We work closely with our clients to ensure that both they and the tenants have full confidence in our team.

What do we provide with our waking watch services?

24/7 Service

Fire safety is one of the top prioritises of any business or housing association, that’s why we provide access to a 24-hour waking watch service that adheres to the correct protocol and your needs. This is an around the clock service that actions preventative and protective measures for residential, commercial and real estate sectors, everyday of the week.

Vigilant Officers

Our waking watch officers are equipped with years of experience and professional etiquette. They are all dedicated to providing a safer environment for their clients and residents by providing attentive, around the clock patrol to seek out potential fire hazards and actioning preventative measures to better the safety of the people.

Monitored Patrols

All of our fire safety patrols are monitored consistently by GPS technology that feeds back to our control too. We can always see where our officers are and at any given time. Furthermore, our officers complete fire safety check lists (recommended by the NFCC) to ensure that the premises is safe from the risks of a potential fire.

Your fire safety is a significant trust to give to someone, it’s adamant that the correct tasks are carried out to ensure that everyone is not at risk. We investigate every area of the property to ensure that there are no evident factors that may contribute to a future fire hazard. All of our officers are SIA licensed and Fire Safety qualified, which is further reciprocated through our attentiveness, trustworthiness and reliability.

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