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Vacant Property Inspections

Vacant Property Inspections

A trained Officer will attend a vacant property. The service will be tailored to your exact specification, but include:

• Maintenance reporting patrols (where we will inspect equipment and systems for clients)

• Health & Safety inspection visits (where we will carry our patrols to ensure that Health & Safety equipment is correct and in order)

• ‘Supervised’ contractor visits

We will manage any support service requirements (such as glaziers, locksmiths etc) and in the event that a serious incident occurs, where we feel the company needs to be contacted urgently and will call a nominated member of staff in line with the customer escalation procedures.

A report will be supplied to our customer the following morning, outlining the findings from the visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to provide on-site welfare facilities?

Yes, we can provide bespoke welfare cabins, portable toilet facilities and security cabins. (Subject to site survey and costs).

Will all members of your staff have the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

Yes. All members of staff will be issued with any PPE as required to safely deliver our service.