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Mobile Security Patrols

K9 Patrol provides response services to be used alongside new and existing alarm systems or random mobile patrols to sites without alarms or CCTV currently installed.

Mobile Security Patrol Service

Here at K9 Patrol, we understand the importance of knowing your home or business is safe. This is why we offer a comprehensive range of mobile security patrol services to help keep your property secure at all times.

Our services also include alarm response and keyholding.

Our alarm response service is a highly effective security solution for your property. We deploy our mobile dog unit immediately if it is activated. Once on-site, our K9 patrol team will carry out full perimeter and site searches until they are satisfied. Each mobile dog unit is highly trained in tracking, building searches and handler protection.

What Are Mobile Security Patrols?

Our security mobile patrols provide you with a team of our patrol officers that regularly check your site for security risks, conducting a number of visits every day. These checks can be random or carried out at set times of the day that we have identified as high-risk.

We will assess your property and come up with a plan of action on how to best conduct surveillance. This will include informing you of any areas we consider particularly vulnerable which may require additional focus.

It is then our responsibility to conduct regular perimeter checks, ensuring all doors, windows and other potential entry points are secure. Sometimes we might check the interior for any signs of disturbance or trespassers, but this will only be if we’re concerned that your property has been at risk for any reason.

Who Might Need Mobile Security Patrols?

Mobile patrols are a suitable service for people with commercial properties or high-value homes that require extra security. Anywhere that is isolated or left unattended is typically a good target for burglars.

If your warehouse or workshop is left unattended, then you could probably benefit from mobile security patrols. Ensuring there is a regular and imposing presence around your property at quiet times, like weekends, is normally enough to deter most intruders from even trying to break in.

Likewise, if you live in a secluded area without the eyes of neighbours, the mobile patrol could help make your property less appealing to burglars.

Mobile patrols offer a cost-effective solution to your security needs. They have very rapid response times and add a human presence that is particularly effective in deterring potential intruders or criminal activity.

How Much do Mobile Patrols Cost?

If you think a mobile security patrol is the answer to the threats that your property is exposed to, then get in touch with us today.

Costs vary from client to client, as all of our services are designed bespoke to your specific requirements.

Call our telephone number 0800 804 6672 or email to see what we can do for you. We will assess your property and give you a free quote on the service we think you need.

Why Choose K9 Patrol Security Services?

Our experienced security professionals are fully SIA licensed and provide a visible deterrent and maximised security for your location. We provide a first-class service for your occupied or vacant property, giving you peace of mind when you are not on site. We provide a security presence at all locations, such as your home, office, place of business or construction sites.

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