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Bespoke Security

Bespoke Security

City Group Security will always implement a bespoke security service, following your procedures to ensure that we encompass all security protocols. Our aim is still to provide a top class service.

City Group Security handpicks Officers for every deployment to conform to a contract-specific “personnel profile” and “job specification”. This involves face-to-face interviews, stringent screening procedures and induction training.

At this stage, we often involve our customers in participating in the recruitment process. To ensure continuity of service and minimal staff turnover, it is paramount that the employee we position on your site ‘fits’ within your corporate culture and is conversant with the organisation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience does City Group Security have in this particular sector?

We are very experienced in this sector and have worked with a number of very well-known household names.

Will we have a set team of staff?

Yes. We go to great lengths to ensure that you will always have the same members of staff working at your site. In cases of holidays or sickness, we always ensure that any replacement Security Officer that we deploy to your premises will be fully site trained.

Are your staff computer literate?

Yes. Every licensed Security Officer that we deploy to work at your site will be capable of operating your equipment.