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Farm Security

K9 Patrol Ltd can provide a variety of options to ensure farms remain secure when CCTV alone isn’t a viable option.

Noticing Suspicious Activity? We Provide Effective Renewable Energy Farm Security Solutions

The development of wind and solar farming is on the increase. Renewable energy farms are usually located in remote and rural locations, making them popular targets and a real threat for rural theft and vandalism.

The preferred farm security system is usually CCTV; however, this is rarely fully installed until the development of the site is complete and, even when it is, there’s always a risk of technical failure.

Land developers also need to consider the fact that standard security measures such as CCTV and alarms on their own are becoming less of a threat to potential intruders or acts of theft.

Protect Your Property With Our Reliable Security Professionals

K9 Patrol Ltd can provide various options for additional security measures to ensure energy farms remain secure when solar farm security cameras alone aren’t a viable option. Our Farm Watch scheme is a great way to get the local rural community involved; reducing the costs of providing security to your residential home or remote business from genuine threats.

How Can K9 Help With Your Wind and Solar Farm Security?

We offer a number of comprehensive and effective solutions for your wind and solar farm security, including:

  • Static dog-handling teams
  • Mobile dog patrols
  • Rapid response to an intrusion
  • Active monitoring

A highly trained mobile response dog unit can provide optimal security and actively monitor several farming properties throughout a neighbourhood. The mobile patrols will take place randomly, so any opportunist intruders will be unable to detect a pattern and will not know when our security guards will likely show up.

Because of the sheer size and remoteness of such sites in the energy industry, the additional skills and capabilities of a canine along with their trained handlers can often be the only sensible way forward. K9 Patrol Ltd has experience working on several renewable energy farms, so we can advise accordingly on potential hotspots (most accessible entry points) and how to prevent farm perimeter fencing from being breached.

Along with the necessary signage, would-be intruders often avoid a site altogether when they become aware the site is protected by dog handling units, so the presence of our mobile patrols also acts as a strong deterrent.

Change Your Approach to Security and Protect Your Assets

One of the biggest concerns facing owners of rural businesses, such as agricultural farms and renewable energy farms, is the remote location. Whilst you have the space and seclusion that you require to carry out your business activities, your premises are often a prime target for intruders and burglars. Whether or not you reside onsite, it’s important to put measures in place to protect yourself and your assets.

Why Are Dogs Beneficial For Farm Security?

The benefits of having our experienced and trained canine unit will be able to detect any intruders quickly and efficiently at your solar farm. The canine solar farm security will prevent break-ins or damage from taking place.

  • K9 Patrol provides a heightened level of protection for your solar farm. Our experienced and trained canine unit will be able to detect any intruders quickly and efficiently, preventing break-ins or damage from taking place.
  • The presence of a K9 Patrol dog handling team will also act as a deterrent to any potential intruders, with the added visibility providing an additional layer of security for your solar farm.
  • Our mobile patrols and rapid response teams can help to reduce the amount of time it takes to investigate any potential issues or intrusions on your property.

This, in turn, helps to minimise disruption and downtime for your business.

Why Choose K9 Patrol for Your Solar Farm Security?

Whether you have a large-scale solar farm or currently have a lack of security measures in place, K9 Patrol can help. We are a trusted security provider based in Knaresborough and we have a wealth of experience and provide a comprehensive range of services in organising security measures for your solar site.

In addition to making regular, yet random, patrols on your premises, we are also able to respond quickly if you are worried that someone may be on your land or property. Adding our security measures will make a real difference, and we guarantee that you’ll be in safe hands.

We provide a wide variety of security services to combat urban and rural crime such as lone guard security, mobile security, security dog services and more.

Whether you want your livestock and machinery safeguarded or would like intruders and trespassers moved on from the area, we offer safe security solutions. Call us at 01423 551526 or email us at and we’ll get someone out to you as quickly as possible.

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