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Fast & Effective Trespassers/Intruders Eviction Services

K9 Patrol are a security company specialising in trespassers/intruders evictions for private and commercial property owners. We offer a fast and effective solution to any problems you’re having with respassers/intruders trespassing on your property.

Using lawful and ethical methods, we can remove unwanted guests from your property without having to wait days for courts to issue a possession order. Our professional service is here to help you – the landlord – enforce your right by law to evict trespassers/intruders from your land without fear and hassle.

Approaching large groups of trespassers/intruders can be a frightening task, which is why our experienced team of experts is here to ensure your land is peacefully re-obtained. By following the standard bailiff eviction procedure, we handle all our evictions in a timely manner, minimising the stress of the process for you and getting the job done without any unnecessary interruptions.

Trespassers/Intruders Eviction With K9 Patrol:

  • Fast trespassers/intruders eviction services which avert the need of waiting for a Court order
  • Skilled staff in the eviction of trespassers/intruders
  • Canine security services that establish authority and respect
  • Consultation on the best methods of regaining control of your premises
  • A highly-qualified and trained team of professionals that holds the NSI Gold Status, the ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance accreditation and the Health and Safety scheme, Safecontractor.

First Step in Dealing with Trespassers/Intruders Evictions:

You have the legal power to evict any trespassers from your private or commercially owned property.

You no longer have to fear any unwanted confrontations or long, drawn-out court battles. We’re here to provide an effective solution when trespassers/intruders are reluctant to leave, even after you’ve tried to exercise your right to evict them.

Let our team of security experts handle it for you. They have the experience necessary to handle any potential complications.

Dealing with large groups of trespassers/intruders on your property can be a daunting task, but there is a safe and effective method you can use. The best approach is to politely engage and inform them they are trespassing and that you wish for them to leave the premises.

In the majority of cases, this marks the end of the ordeal, with most trespassers/intruders peacefully agreeing to leave your property within a time period you’ve laid out. But from time to time you might find that your unwelcome neighbours don’t want to make it that easy for you to exercise your power to evict them.

Here at K9 patrol, our team of experts can help you enforce this right. If, after peacefully agreeing to vacate your property on reasonable terms, the trespassers/intruders continue to loiter or are reluctant to honour their promise, let us take over.

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