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Security Officers

With SIA Licensed Officers available, we provide manned security to public and private real estate, 24 hours a day. A Static Security Officer keeps the peace and looks out for suspicious activity.

Whether it’s preventing potential incidents that could affect personal safety or protecting your property from intruders. It is an effective tool to consider. Following a structured schedule and route, our Static Officers will ensure all areas and locations of a property are covered.

Our Officers offer great diligence, managing and preventing crime all forms of crime. Static Officers are an effective means of protection for all sectors, acting as a crime deterrent in itself.

Our SIA Licensed Officers are available for deployment throughout Cambridge and Greater London, providing security where needed.

Surge Capacity

At City group, we have the ability to fill large-sized contracts nationally. We have previously filled large scale operations for clients at Canary Warf and large additional Covid requirement for hospitals in London. Each job will come with a contracts manager who will liaise with the client and ensure smooth running of the contract with the client. We will also ensure that each shift has an experienced supervisor who will deal with the day to day running of the contract and the staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience does City Group Security have in this particular sector?

We are very experienced in this sector and have worked with a number of very well-known household names.