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Education & Student Accommodation

At City Group Security we have had the experience and knowledge to look after our young, aspiring people. We have a national agreement with one of the largest student accommodation companies and have looked after various education sites. All of our sites will come with a dedicated contracts manager who will have experience in dealing with the challenges of students and educational buildings. We can train all our officers with our in house trainers including on professional boundaries and conflict management. We also have a suite of e-learning modules that can upskill our officers on how to deal with different situations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any experience of working in this sector?

Yes. Since our inception in 1993 we have (and continue to) worked with most of the UK’s leading FM companies throughout the London and Cambridge areas.

Can you supply client references?

Yes, we will do so as part of any cost proposal that we submit to you in response to your enquiry.

How many other contracts will City Group Security Contract Manager be expected to service?

We know from experience that many of our clients complain that they ‘never see a manager’ and that they do not receive the amount of Management time necessary to ensure that their contract runs efficiently. We are acutely aware of the need to provide a value for money service. We never expect you to have to manage our facility. Instead, we ask that you monitor our services. To ensure that we successfully achieve a valuable ‘working partnership’, we are always careful to ensure that your dedicated Contracts Manager is not overburdened with too many clients and is still accessible and available to you and your contract.