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Our SIA licensed and CSCS safety trained Security Officers are available at short notice to safeguard construction sites on both short and long duration contracts. Our uniformed Security Officers will regularly patrol your premises and protect the site from trespassers and potential hazards. We know from experience that trespassing, vandalism and thefts from the site are common problems within the construction sector which is why we specifically train our staff to deal with all eventualities. Combined with a ‘hands-on’ management approach, our service provides clients with a genuinely cost-effective security solution.

City Group Security recognises that Health and Safety within construction sites are of paramount importance and as such, our entire operation will provide great emphasis on ensuring that we strictly comply with our client’s Health and Safety protocols at all times.

Whenever on duty, our Security Officers will always wear the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and will be subject to regular checks, performance reviews and Management inspections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to provide on-site welfare facilities?

Yes, we can provide bespoke welfare cabins, portable toilet facilities and security cabins. (Subject to site survey and costs).

Will all members of your staff have the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

Yes. All members of staff will be issued with any PPE as required to safely deliver our service.